Providing Hope to Caregivers

If you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, you are not alone.



someone develops Alzheimer’s disease


living with Alzheimer’s disease


of caregivers are over the age of 65

Our Mission

The mission of the Alzheimer’s Caregiver Alliance is to ease the burden of caregiving for individuals and families touched by Alzheimer’s disease. We offer innovative programs and education that supports family caregivers in their journey.

Summer Educational Series

August 25-27, 2022


We strive to ensure all families caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease are not alone and have the tools to better understand all stages of the caregiving journey to improve physical and emotional well-being.


No one should feel like they are alone in their role as a caregiver to a loved one with Alzheimer’s. We are proud to offer many opportunities for families to stay engaged to enrich quality of life during a very challenging time.


The Alzheimer’s Caregiver Alliance is our growing community of families caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. We are all in this together. We see you. We hear you. We are here for you! Please join us!


Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s brings many challenges, and we often learn as we go. Our blog offers some insight to help families navigate.


We are pleased to announce our newest resource, Eye on the Caregiver podcast, hosted by co-founders Michele Darwin and Sean McDermott.

Hope stones

Our HOPE stones have been placed in communities across the country and we love to hear when people find them! Share you photo with us!


Together we can achieve great things

The devastating toll that caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease takes on a family is why we exist.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, there are currently over 16.1 million people caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. The physical and emotional stress to the caregiver can impact their own health and the cost of care can devastate a family. This is your opportunity to help ease the burden of caregiving of a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. Your generous gift will help fund support for individual and family care consultations, music and art programs for caregivers and their loved ones with the disease, and other services and programs we support that directly impact caregivers.

Our fundraising events are a fun way to help caregivers to those with Alzheimer’s disease.

Our primary funding comes from donations and the support of Windward Consulting Group, but we also know that together we can do so much more!  If you are interested in partnering with us or joining our fundraising teams and be an active part of the special work we are doing, please email

We couldn’t do what we do without help from our volunteers and generous donors!

There are so many ways that you can support our mission! From supporting our interactive programs, to purchasing a “hope” stone to help fund music programs for caregivers and their loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease, please consider getting involved. Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year. I

The Windward Foundation operates as a 501(c)3 and focuses on supporting local partner organizations.

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