Windward Foundation Extends Support to Alzheimer’s Association with $3​0,000 Grant.

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The Windward Foundation announced a $30,000 grant to the Alzheimer’s Association National Capital Area Chapter, extending its support for care consultation services and caregiver information, education, and support delivered throughout the Chapter territory. In the last two years, the Windward Foundation’s philanthropic investment in the program has totaled $85,000 and has helped support over 4,500 hours of free care consultations delivered by the chapter. Funding for the Windward Foundation grants is made possible by generous donors and the success of their flagship fundraiser, the District Music Benefit. Save the date for the 2019 event on Saturday, September 21, 2019, at The Hamilton Live.

The Windward Foundation is, at its crux, a family-led foundation. Sean McDermott and Michele (McDermott) Darwin started the foundation to create hope for family caregivers after seeing the devastating toll their father’s Alzheimer’s took on their mother. Unfortunately, their parents had been the caregiver to their grandmother thirty years earlier when she faced the end of her life with Alzheimer’s disease, so they knew what it meant when their father received his diagnosis.

“According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 60% provide unpaid care for people living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia are doing so while working full- or part-time. Caregiving takes a massive emotional, financial, and physical toll on family caregivers,” said Michele Darwin, Executive Director of the Windward Foundation. “The challenges for caregivers to those with Alzheimer’s are wide-ranging and understanding the challenges they face is the first step to help alleviate their burden.”

“As a business owner, many of life’s challenges relate to health and family, and I believe that businesses need to tackle this head-on,” said Sean McDermott. “There are also many decisions being made made about treatment, care, living arrangements, finances, and end-of-life care. We believe that continuing to make care consultation services free to families is the first step in helping families understand Alzheimer’s beyond just the surface of the disease that will rob their loved one of memories.”

“We are thankful to the Windward Foundation for their continued support. The Windward Foundation grant for care consultations has allowed the Alzheimer’s Association National Capital Area Chapter to expand support for families throughout our service territory,” said Ana Nelson, the chapter’s vice president of programs and services. “Through these care consultations, we can provide an in-depth, personalized service for families facing the challenges and decisions associated with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. As a result, they develop a better understanding of the disease, create strategies for the best possible care management, and plan for the future.”

For more information, or to schedule a care consultation, please visit our website.

The Windward Foundation operates as a 501(c)3 and focuses on supporting local partner organizations.

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